Trademark policy

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This policy is approved by the Tounca, Inc. as the owner of BizApps Wiki.
It may not be circumvented, eroded, or ignored by local policies.

May I use the BizApps Wiki marks?

This summary of the Trademark policy below is not a legal document.

YES, please!

You have the right to use marks to:

This policy also allows you to use marks:

1. On the BizApps Wiki and Wikimedia sites.

2. Outside the BizApps Wiki and Wikimedia sites when you:

  • Organize a BizApps Wiki community-focused event;
  • Do outreach and recruit new editors; or
  • Place marks on t-shirts, cakes, and other things without selling them.

Please always comply with the Visual Identity Guidelines.

YES, but first...

for BizApps Wiki photo contests, and text=GLAM.

Sorry, NO.

Not for linking to non - BizApps Wiki or Wikimedia sites, or

creating mimicking websites, or

otherwise misleading others.


  1. Visual Identity Guidelines is still not finished. Until this guidelines is finished, you have to use our marks as-is.
  2. Currently, our marks are only in English, but it is planned to be translated in other languages.