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Tounca, Inc.
TypePrivately held company
IndustryInternet company, Online marketplace, E-commerce, Cloud services, Business software
FoundedMay 24, 2021; 16 months ago (2021-05-24) in Dover, DE, US
Dover, DE
United States
Area served
ProductsTounca Platform, BizAppsWiki, BizAppsNews, BizAppsBlog, BizAppsJobs
BrandsTounca, BizApps

Tounca, Inc is an American Corporation, first registered as a Limited-Liability Company and later incorporated, with headquarters in Dover, Delaware, filed on May 24, 2021. [1][2]

Primary goals are providing better information and services in Business Applications for vendors, implementers and clients as well as democratization of Business Applications's services.[2]

Tounca is a privately held, bootstrapped company, meaning it operates on its own profits without external investors up to date.[2] Company is new but built on strong and long-term expertise.[3]


2019 - First idea about project started in 2019. It was still only early version of idea and not completed.[2]

2020 - During 2020 pandemic, early idea started to get full project outlines and basic architecture was created. During the year, this architecture becomes more and more detailed. In this period, basic infrastructure was created and learning about some new technologies has started.[2]

2021 (May) - During the New Year holidays, final decision was made - company will be created as soon as first part of project (BizApps Wiki) will be finished.[2] Company has finally founded on May 24, 2021.[4] and currently is deeply involved in building new services.[3]

2021 (Jul) - BizApps Wiki has been launched on July 2021 as an open-source encyclopedia for business applications as a gift for business software community.[3]

2021 (Nov) - Company released their main product - Tounca Project Marketplace Platform at November 22, 2021. https://www.tounca.com/[5]

2021 (Dec) - Shortly after launching Tounca Project Marketplace Platform, Tounca finished on the list of 53 top marketplace startups in Delaware, taking 18. position from 53.[6]

2022 (Jan) - From the begining of this year, Tounca has bee incorporated and changed its name from Tounca LLC to Tounca, Inc. This statutory change was made so Tounca become more ready for investments.

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