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Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is an adaptable consulting service that allows clients to hire as many project managers as needed to see their projects through. The value of PMaaS is that clients can scale the amount of consultants up and down to fit their needs.[1] It refers to the situation where companies can buy in project management services on demand. They do this from organizations that specialize in project management and who can offer skilled and talented professionals that can jump in and hit the ground running.[2]


Project Management as a Service is not without its risks. Unlike some other “as a service” offerings such as Software as a Service and Platform as a Service, with PMaaS you are buying in the help of people. While people may be very effective project managers, they may not necessarily be a good cultural fit for the organization.[2]


As a new concept PMaaS appears in a way as AI service, where the most of repeating tasks are done by artificial intelligence service where the system knows when to engage a human bean with the right instructions. It allows to significantly decrease cost of project management. Using this model it can be the real SaaS model and not only engaging remotely project managers. Also it can improve different cultures' barriers between different people.[citation needed] Tounca us a company who actively build this model of AI based Project Management as a Service and it seems results are coming.


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