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Kyriba is the global leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, delivering mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions. More than 2,000 clients worldwide rely on Kyriba to get 100% cash visibility, better manage FX losses, reduce fraud and make better, faster decisions through improved insight and intelligence.[1] Kyriba is a partner that leverages Accuity’s Fircosoft suite to provide clients with a global payments sanctions screening service that flags potential issues with vendors as a way to limit delays and provide early detection on risky payments. Through its cloud-based payments hub, Kyriba offers Accuity payment-screening capabilities and optimized OFAC, UN and EU sanction lists. All payments generated with Kyriba – or routed from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system through Kyriba – can be pre-screened, adding compliance to new regulatory mandates, and saving significant resources.[2]

Kyriba logo.png

Kyriba corporate headquarters is San Diego, California, US. But they are global company with offices in US (San Diego, New Your, Portland and Scottsdale), Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Belarus, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.[3] Company is currently led by Jean-Luc Robert as chairman and CEO.[4]


Kyribia developed the following products:[5]

  • Active Liquidity Network
  • Treasury Management
  • Risk management
  • Payments
  • Working Capital
  • Security
  • Connectivity
  • Data Visualization


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