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Thank you for your interest in contacting BizApps Wiki. Before proceeding, some important disclaimers:

  1. BizApps Wiki has no central editorial board. Contributions are made by a large number of volunteers at their own discretion. Edits are neither the responsibility of the BizApps Wiki as the organization that hosts the site, nor of its staff and edits will not generally be made in response to an email request (except of requests related with vandalism).
  2. Although BizApps Wiki was founded by Aleksandar Totovic, he is not personally responsible for our content.
  3. If you have questions about the concept of BizApps Wiki rather than a specific issue, the About us page may help.
  4. If you disagree with an article's content, or are involved in a content dispute, see Dispute resolution.

Article subjects

If you believe an article about you or your organization is incomplete, inaccurate, or biased, there are several avenues for you to discuss the issue with BizApps Wiki's editorial community. BizApps Wiki does not have a centralized author or content reviewer, and our content is maintained by volunteer editors. The people who have edited or who monitor your article are probably the best first point of contact. People who edit or monitor your article can be reached by leaving a note detailing your issues on the article's "talk"/"discussion" page. This can be found by clicking the "talk"/"discussion" link at the top of your article. Once you're there, click the "new section" tab to the right of that. This will create a new section, where you can post your specific comments or concerns. Click "Publish page", and your new section will be added immediately.

Other cases

If you cannot find your issue listed here, you can email using the following contact information. You can use this contact on the first side for business development opportunities or proposals (cooperation, sponsorship, donations...), as well as if you are a member of the press looking to contact us.

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