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This page is the BizApps Wiki's Sponsorship policy.

We know that 98% of our readers will not support us; they simply look the other way. That is OK as idea of BizApps Wiki is to free share a knowledge about implementation and usage of Business Applications, but you should know that we have costs as well. We minimum need to provide the right infrastructure for the web site as well as to improve quality and develop some new features. Individuals can support us with donations, but if you are company involved in this business, maybe we could share the common interest.

Who is the sponsor?

A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives value (promote the corporation’s name, image, product or services or other defined values) in return for financial support to the organization. The relationship requires a formal written agreement or confirmation setting out the terms of the sponsorship, including any recognition to be provided to the sponsor, and must be signed by an authorized member of the sponsor and by Tounca LLC manager.

Every company can be our sponsor. The only thing that matters is that we have a common interest - you want to support our organization to provide the best possible services and we will give some credits for it.


BizApps Wiki will not accept sponsorship if it represent one of the following activities or organizations:

  • political or religious organizations;
  • projects which denigrate, exclude or offend minority community groups;
  • projects that create environmental hazards;
  • programs that uphold principles of respect that are any less than those we apply to our own people;
  • programs that involve the taking of unnecessary risks, and/or which may put public safety at risk.


"We", "us", and "our" refer to the BizApps Wiki (powered by Tounca LLC).

"Sponsorship Policy" and "policy" refers to this document.

"Personal Information" is information you provide us or information we collected from other sources that identifies or could be used to identify you. For more information, please see What Information We Collect.

How to become the sponsor?

If you want to become our sponsor, you need to send us an email to with subject: SPONSORSHIP. You can explain us what you have in mind or you can just ask for details about sponsorship program. Only what is required from you is to send us details about your company: Offical company name, company address and contact details. All these contact details will be treated as your Personal Information.

What this policy covers

Sponsorship policy defines what sponsorship is and why you are doing it and it defines the no-go zones. In order to ensure business integrity, BizApps Wiki has established the following principles to guide the acceptance and recognition of sponsorship marketing efforts and content:

  • All sponsorship activities and advertising shall comply with the laws and regulations of the United States, as well as relevant state and local laws.
  • Tounca LLC shall have sole discretion for determining sponsors and the display of sponsor logo’s and recognition. All sponsored programs will be recognized as such.
  • Recognition of sponsor products shall not be construed as an endorsement by the BizApps Wiki or Tounca LLC.
  • Tounca LLC shall review all sponsorship advertising claims for consumer or business benefit and cost effectiveness and reject any unsubstantiated claims.
  • Sponsors shall not dictate the form or substance of any content appearing on a sponsored program for BizApps Wiki.
  • Tounca LLC shall be directly responsible for communicating and ensuring compliance of its sponsorship policy in all venues and activities related to the sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship policy will be available on BizApps Wiki website.

Sponsor's obligations

You have a few obligations as a sponsor.

Sponsorship fee

When we agree about type of sponsorship you want to accept, you will get instruction to pay sponsorship fee. You must sponsorship fee until due date on instructions.

Business data

You must let us know about in writing before signing the contract as well as if later changes appear to your:

  • legal name
  • trading name
  • registration details
  • business structure
  • ongoing communication contact
  • director, owners or partners
  • business address

Sponsor's privileges

As a sponsor, you will have some privileges. First you will support existence of BizApps Wiki and it will be important for completely business solutions community. But as a sign of our gratitude you will get the following:

  • your company name or company logo will appear on our 'Sponsors' page;
  • you will get protected company page (only administrator can change it)[1];
  • you will get one administrator account.

Depending on your sponsorship status, you can get more privileges, but they are subject of contract. If you are basic sponsor, you will be expected to sign a formal letter of agreement for sponsorships and if you are planning to be silver or more advance sponsor, you will sign a contract with Tounca LLC for sponsorship. The agreement or contract will clearly detail the needs and expectations of both parties, the time frame set for the agreement, and an agreed measurement and reporting process for evaluating and reporting the outcomes of the sponsorship, partnership or related support.

Contact Us

We value what our sponsors have to say about our services and our policies. If you have questions or suggestions about this policy, we want to hear from you. Please email us at

This Sponsorship Policy went into effect July 15, 2021. Previous versions if exist can be found below:


  1. Keep in mind that page is not absolutely protected as 'BizApps Wiki' is an open sourced encyclopedia. That means only administrator can change this page content.